Dream Hotels and Beaches in Thailand ☀️🌴📸
David and I spent 5 weeks travelling and working in #Thailand. 
We had to create content for a travel photo book 🎥📸. 

Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 in Bangkok
This location sounds like an airport station, but you'll actually find a gigantic mall, luxury hotel and restaurant. Whats on the roof? An infinity pool, a bar, mini golf, and a tennis court.. the list goes on.

Casa De La Flora, Khao Lak
A relatively new resort, but definitely already growing a name for itself through its unique urban design. It's the perfect destination for couples and friends who want to chill out, far away from full-moon parties. Each villa has its own private pool.
Casa de la Flora, Khao Lak

The Naka Phuket, Khao Lak
The Naka Phuket is also a member of Design Hotel, it has a similar industrial/urban look like Casa de la Flora, which I adored.
This ultimate luxury destination is very privately located near Phuket, on a secluded hill with beach. We didn't get to stay here, however they gave us permission to use their hotel as a shooting location. 
The Naka Phuket, Kamala Bay

Villa Nalinnadda, Koh Samui
We stayed for one night in Villa Nalinnadda. It started off by sipping a delicious fresh coconut welcome drink, sunbathing, riding bikes throughout the island, bathing with ocean view, and ended with a late night session at a nearby beach bar.

Charm Churee Villa, Koh Tao
Welcome to the jungle! This is how they greet you here..
Charm Churee Villa isn't an easy hotel to get too. First you fly from Phuket to Koh Samui, then you take a ferry to Koh Tao, then they pick you up with a Charm Churee shuttle-truck.
Our rooms were tree-houses located in the jungle and on a cliff, right next to the ocean, I'd definitely return again, but not during monsoon season 😉

Grande Centre Point Hotel Ratchadamri, Bangkok
The last few weeks were spent in Grande Centre Point Hotel's executive suite with the best views of Bangkok's skyline. It was 3 rooms with bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, and guest bathroom, modern and neat.
This hotel is located perfectly in the centre of Bangkok. The lobby was grand, the service first-class, I still dream of the fresh fruit deliveries...
Special thanks to Anchana (Major Creation) and Little for this amazing time ❤️❤️ 
Also thank you so much Casa De La Flora, The Naka Phuket, Grande Centre Terminal 21, Villa Nalinnadda, Charm Churee Villa for your spectacular hospitality.

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