Since we just opened a new studio in Wimbledon (, had some free time between projects, Rotolight sponsored lights, I thought it would be the perfect time to do a personal shoot... Something that also shows off our new space without being commercial, while collaborating with a whole bunch of creatives. And then when Claudia Rose applied for the dancer role, I was immediately in awe of her talent, everything else naturally fell into place. Thank you to everyone who helped create this ✨

Directed and edited by Nicole Markhoff
Shot by George Burt 
Talent: Claudia Rose
1st AD: David Sheldrick 
2nd AD: Andy Hoang
Mua: Marina Belfon Rose 
Stylist: Alexandra Greenhill 
Hair stylist: Sundia Hsu
Assistants, BTS: Ines Hachou Maxwell Correia, Johnny Sheldrick

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